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Aquatic Therapy


Common questions about pool therapy.

What is pool therapy or aquatic therapy?

Aquatic therapy is physical therapy performed in a pool environment.

What are the benefits of aquatic therapy?


Aquatic therapy is beneficial because it provides buoyancy to patients.  So those who can’t bear full weight on land can stand in the pool with reduced force through their joints.  This can be beneficial for back pain or pain in any of the joints of the leg.  It can help to practice walking or just give worn out joints a break while still letting them move.

Hydrostatic Pressure

Pool therapy is also beneficial for those dealing with lower extremity edema (swelling).  Hydrostatic pressure from the water creates a pressure gradient from the deeper to the more shallow water.  The deeper you go the more pressure there is, so the feet and ankles have more pressure while the torso and upper body experience less pressure from surrounding water.  This gradient helps push swelling out of the legs similar to compression garments.


A heated therapy pool provides a relaxing environment that helps reduce muscular tension.  Our facility keeps the pool at 90°F warm enough to help you relax but not too hot to be able to exercise.  We also have a hot tub at 103°F to promote further relaxation and increased blood flow.

Potential concerns

What if I have a hard time getting in our out of the pool?

Our friendly staff is here to help, your therapist will work with you to make sure you feel safe and comfortable getting in and out of the pool.  We also have a Hoyer lift built into the side of the pool for those experiencing extreme difficulty getting in or out, but who would benefit from pool therapy.

What if I can’t swim?

Our pool ranges from about 3ft deep to 5ft at the deepest.  It has a gentle downward slope.  So if you can’t swim you should be able to safely stand in the water.  For those at greater risk a staff member will be on hand to ensure your safety.

Aquatic therapy
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Other information

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